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How to decide on the best training split for muscle growth

How to decide on the best training split for muscle growth

You often hear people asking what the best workout split is however the answer is different depending on the individual. In this blog we will explore the different training splits so you can decide on the best option for you and your lifestyle. 

Training Frequency 

The first factor to consider when deciding on a training split is training frequency. If your goal is to build muscle, training each muscle group 2x a week is the most optimal. Across the week you should aim to do 16 sets per main muscle group. 


When choosing a training split you should consider how many days a week you can realistically go to the gym. For most people 3-5 times a week is the most realistic routine. To build muscle you should be looking to go to the gym a minimum 3 times a week. 


Similarly to how you will be more likely to stick to a a diet if you enjoy the foods, you will be also be more likely to sick to a training plan if you enjoy the exercises in the plan. There are many variations and alternatives that work the same muscle groups therefore if you prefer one over another, opt for the one you enjoy the most and look to progress on that movement. For example if you prefer dumbbell bench press to barbell bench press, do that. 


Popular Training Splits

3 days a week

  • Full body 3x a week
  • Upper / Lower / Upper  

4 days a week

  • Upper / Lower / Upper / Lower
  • Full body 4x a week

5 days a week

  • Full body 5x a week
  • Push / Pull / Legs / Upper / Lower 

6 days a week

  • Push / Pull / Legs / Push / Pull / Legs
  • Push / Pull / Legs / Chest and back / Shoulders and arms / Legs
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Posted 23 May 2023