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The truth about getting abs

The truth about getting abs

When someone starts going to the gym and are asked what their goals are, a common answer is ''to see my abs''. Because of this reason there are many myths that have been circulated around the fitness world and it has actually made a quite simple concept, more confusing than it should be. In this blog we will cover the fundamentals to help you see your abs.

Calorie Deficit 

You are probably bored of hearing about how you need to be in a calorie deficit to drop bodyfat however there is a reason why you hear it so much. By being in a calorie deficit you are going to drop overall body fat which will eventually lead to your abs becoming more visible. The less body fat that you have on your abdominal muscles, the more defined they are going to look.

Can't Spot Fat Loss

Another common myth in the fitness world is, 'by doing ab exercises you are going to burn stubborn belly fat'. Unfortunately it isn't possible to spot fat loss and where we lose fat first is different for every individual. By reducing the amount of body fat that you have as a whole, you will start to see that stubborn belly fat disappear. 

Doing Core Exercises

Just because you can't spot fat loss, training your core is the same as any other muscle where the more you train it, the more defined and bigger the muscles get. Once you drop the bodyfat you will be able to see the abs that you have built from training them over a long period of time.

To conclude, if you take into consideration everything that has been discussed throughout this blog and stay on track with your training and nutrition, you will see the abs that you have been waiting for. 

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Posted 11 May 2023