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What supplements and when

What supplements and when

There is a wide range of supplements to choose from and you may be wondering when the best time to take them is. In this blog we will look at some pre, intra and post workout supplements that you could add to your diet to take your training to the next level. 

Pre-workout supplements 

Supplements that you take before a workout should have a positive impact on your training. For example you may want to take a supplement that helps with endurance, energy or one to give you a pump. 

Warrior Rage and Warrior Rage Savage are two pre-workout supplements designed to spike your energy levels throughout your workout. These pre-workouts contain a high caffeine content which is a useful ingredient for helping you feel energised and motivated to smash your training. Warrior Rage Savage contains Peak O2 which is helpful training harder over a long period of time as it increases the oxygen utilisation in athletes.

Another Pre-Workout supplement that you can consider using is Warrior Pump. Warrior Pump is a stim free supplement that is designed to give you a pump when training. This is useful because not only will you feel good in the gym but you will be able to feel the muscle group that you are training which can help with the mind to muscle connection.      

Intra-workout supplements 

Intra-workout supplements should be taken throughout your training to help keep the quality of every set high. Warrior Cyclic Dextrin is an intra-workout supplement that you could consider adding to your supplement stack. Cyclic is an advanced intra-workout carbohydrate source designed to help maximise pump, endurance, work capacity and stamina.

Another intra-workout option that you can consider are amino acids. At Warrior you can find BCAA and EAA supplements and these contain amino acids. Amino acids are a useful supplement for the recovery of muscles after an intense training session. By drinking amino acids throughout your session, you may find a reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).  

Post-Workout supplements

After a workout there are also some supplements that you can consider using, Depending on your goals. If you are looking to maintain muscle or slowly build lean muscle mass then you could have a post-workout shake by using Warrior Whey. If you are looking to add some more size then your should consider using Warrior Mass as your post-workout shake. 

Other supplements 

All your vitamins and minerals can be taken at any point throughout the day as they won't have a direct impact on your training session depending on time of consumption. If you are taking your daily vitamins and minerals you will find yourself feeling better in yourself and this will have a positive impact on your training. Creatine is another supplement that can be taken at any time of the day. Take 5 grams daily at the same time every day whether it be pre, intra or post workout. 

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Posted 31 Jan 2023