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Why routine is the secret to fat loss and muscle growth

Why routine is the secret to fat loss and muscle growth

When it comes to building muscle and fat loss, finding a routine that suits you is important as it is going to put you in the best possible place to reach your goals. In this blog we will explain why you should look at adjusting your daily routine to help with muscle building.

Planning your day

You often hear the phrase "I'm not a morning person". While this may be true right now, it is possible to change your routine to make yourself a 'morning person'. This isn't to say you have to wake up early to have a good routine as it is different for each person therefore finding a routine that fits around your work and social life is key. Once you stick to a routine for a couple of weeks, routine starts to turn into habit and the lifestyle changes will be easier to stick to.

Daily steps 

If your goal is fat loss, increasing your daily step count is one of the easiest ways to increase your daily energy expenditure. If you are someone who finds you have no time to go for a walk, a structured routine may be needed. If you go to bed earlier and set yourself a strict wake up time 30 mins earlier than usual, you can go for a walk before you start work and burn more calories. You could then do another quick walk on your lunch at work instead of sitting at a desk and then finally in the evening after eating, a walk can help with digestion. By adding in these steps throughout the day they will add up and you will find yourself burning significantly more calories and that is without taking into account any work you do in the gym.

Consistent meal timing

If you find yourself chasing your protein intake at the end of the day, this could be another sign that you need more of a structured routine. If you plan out your meals to have protein hits throughout the day, you will find it easier to get enough protein in without having to rush to find some at the end of the day. Planning your meals also means that you will have more time to get a training session in as you won't have to think about what you are going to cook.

Consistent energy levels

By finding a routine that allows you to get 7-9 hours on consistent sleep per night you will find yourself having steady energy levels throughout the day. This will have a knock on effect to your performance in the gym and if you are looking to build muscle and lose fat, sleep quality is a huge factor. Some of the main benefits of a good sleep cycle are the following:

  • Improved energy and motivation
  • reduce risk of injuries 
  • Critical for cell regeneration which helps increase muscle mass 
  • Helps strengthen immune system 
  • Reduce stress as it decreases cortisol levels

Workout Routines

As well as a lifestyle routine, workout routines are just as important if you have a fitness goal that you are trying to achieve. Getting a workout plan that you can adhere to on a weekly basis will mean you are more likely to see results. By having a workout plan in place you can also track progressive overload over the course. This is going to be the key for muscle growth and improving in the gym.

To summarise, putting a routine in place will mean you have less thinking to do and more action taking. Find a routine that works for you and stick to it for as long as possible, consistency will get you results. 

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Posted 15 Aug 2023