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How to fight cravings and stay on track around Easter

How to fight cravings and stay on track around Easter

Easter is a time that brings lots of temptation with all the chocolate to choose from. If you have some fitness goals that you are trying to stick to, you may be wondering how you can stay on track. This blog will give you some ideas that may be useful to make sure you don't fall off track this Easter.

Balance and Moderation 

Moderation is key when it comes to Easter treats. You don't have to completely avoid Easter eggs, but you should enjoy them in moderation. Stick to one or two treats a day, and make sure you factor them into your daily calorie intake. The best diet is one that is sustainable and therefore you need to add balance and allow yourself to enjoy occasions like Easter. 

Protein Bars For Cravings

Protein bars are a great tool to use when trying to get rid of them sweet tooth cravings. Warrior Crunch Bars come in many chocolatey flavours while being packed with 20 grams of protein per bar. After eating a protein bar you are less likely to crave an Easter Egg or you may just want less than you originally did.

Eat High Satiety Foods  

Heard this saying before but unsure what it actually means? Adding more vegetables and other low calorie food options to your meals means that you are filling up your stomach without adding too many calories into your diet. This is also an effective way of fighting cravings because after meals you will be feeling satisfied and less likely to want a sweet treat afterwards. 

Meal Planning 

Planning your meals throughout the day gives you more of a structure that you are more likely to stick to. By doing this you can also plan in sweet treats throughout the day to prevent you from overindulging. Make sure the majority of these meals are rich in nutrients and that way if you want to have a treat later in the day, you can do guilt free.

Leave The Guilt Behind

There are 365 days in the year and if you think sticking to your diet everyday is a healthy target, we are sorry to tell you that it isn't... If you end up having a 'cheat day' you can drop the calories the next day or even just forget about it and get back to your consistent training and nutrition as soon as possible. Diet breaks have actually found to have a positive impact on people who are strict on their food for most the year as it is a time to reset and then use the new start as motivation. In the grand scheme of things having an Easter Egg is not going to make you lose all the gains you have been working hard for over the past months and years. 

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Posted 03 Apr 2023