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Finding your motivation: Top 10 ways to increase motivation

Finding your motivation: Top 10 ways to increase motivation

It's that time of year where the clocks go back and days get darker and colder. This is usually when most people prefer to sit in front of the TV instead of carrying on with their fitness goals. Fitness goals are often pushed back to January but if you want to be the best version of yourself next summer, the work has to be done now. In this blog we will discuss how you can stay motivated during times where you may lack motivation.

1. Get results

Starting it off with the most straight forward one, results = motivation. As soon as you start to see results you start to become driven to get even more results because you know you can achieve them. Give yourself an initial 12 weeks of being consistent with your training and nutrition and you will notice more results than you think.

2. Training Plan

Going into anything without a plan is usually a bad idea and it is the same here. By not having a plan you are less likely to see results meaning motivation is going to fall off pretty quickly. Finding a plan that you enjoy and find easy to stick to around your work and social life, is going to be the best way to keep motivation high. By following a plan that you can progress on week on week, you should find your motivation for each session is greater than ever.

3. Don't cut out your favourite foods

It's probably safe to say that most of us love food and sticking to a nutrition plan is arguably more difficult than a training plan. To keep motivated and consistent with your diet, it is important that you still enjoy the foods that you are eating. One method that works well for many people is the 80:20 split. This is where you eat 80% whole foods and then 20% of 'treats'. These treats will be foods that you look forward to and it will mean that you are more motivated to stick to the other 80% of your diet.

4. Find a training partner

There are many benefits to training with a partner and motivation is a big one. On the days when you might not feel like training, your training partner will give you that extra bit of motivation to get up and go. Training will also become more of a social event and helping each other progress week on week can be rewarding.

5. Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout supplements are a useful tool to spike your energy levels and motivation. By taking a pre-workout supplement roughly 20-30 minutes before you train, you will feel more motivated to start your training session. If you are looking for some high quality pre-workout supplements, Warrior has you covered with Warrior Rage, Rage Savage and Rage Energy Shots.

 6. New Gym Clothes

Topping up your wardrobe with new training clothes is another way to keep motivation at a high. If you buy some clothes that you feel good in, you will want to wear them and if they are training clothes then you are likely to go to the gym feeling good. Check out the Warrior Hoodies today for your Winter training sessions. 

7. Target Setting

Target setting is crucial when it comes to keeping motivated however it is important that your goals are achievable because if they are unrealistic, this can have a negative impact on motivation. Below you can see some examples of targets that you could set:

  • Drop 5kg in 12 weeks
  • Gain 3kg in 12 weeks
  • Lift 'x' weight on specific exercise
  • Stick to diet for 12 weeks before 1 week diet break
  • Hit sub 25 minutes on a 5k run

8. Environment

The environment that you are in plays a big role when it comes to motivation. By joining a gym with a good atmosphere and community, it can be a great way to keep yourself motivated because you will feel more inclined to go to the gym on days when have less motivation.

9. Invest in a coach

Investing in a coach / personal trainer is a great way to have someone hold you accountable. Investing in yourself by joining a coach will give you a spike in motivation because you will have someone guiding you along your journey and if are paying for a coach, you will want to see a return on investment.

10. Regular weigh ins

The easiest way to keep yourself accountable is to simply weight yourself first thing every morning. It is important to note that your daily weight is always going to fluctuate due to many factors such as, holding onto more water, poor sleep, eating later than usual etc. If you weigh yourself every day, you can then take an average of them weigh ins and see the results. If you struggle to weigh yourself everyday, aim for 3x per week. Once you start to see the scales moving, your motivation to keep them moving is going to be high. 

As you can see there are many ways that you can increase motivation during the colder months. It is important to remember that the work you put in now will be the reason you look and feel your best next year. Put in the work now during the more difficult months and your future self with thank you. 


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Posted 31 Oct 2023